Electronic Business Integration Software

When a software application can be used for many processes the result is strong ROI. The EXTOL Business Integrator (EBI) family of products, enables your business to map any data to any data non-programmatically. For instance, use EBI as a tool to:

  • Convert data from one application set to another and/or between platforms when changing ERP

  • Integrate data between you and your trading partners: EDI, XML, AS2

  • Synchronize data including: spreadsheets, flat files, XML documents, databases

  • Supply chain integration and collaboration

Integration needs emerge, often by internal or external customer demand, requiring rapid response. Integration challenges also exist from different platforms, communication interfaces, and data formats. Programming integration, along with being labor intensive and costly, is a one-off solution creating constraints on how it was written, on what platform, and often by whom.

Data integration challenges impacts your business in many ways:

  • Manual re-keying from electronic data is inefficient and error-prone

  • The crucial information you need for decision making is not readily available

  • Potential loss of customer orders, thus customer dissatisfaction

  • Slow response to opportunities and demands

  • IT resources expended in manual integration and maintenance

EXTOL Business Integrator solves your data integration challenges non-programmatically.

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