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Enterprise Resource Planning HowTo Innovate Guide

Innovate business processes with ERP
Learn how to reduce costs, rapidly respond to customers, and manage growth. The ERP Handbook Kit also contains a worksheet with challenging questions to help you promote internal innovation to increase productivity, thus sales.

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Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP for manufacturing, wholesale distribution, and retail (the supply chain) has been a part of our everyday life for years now. Most businesses have been through multiple ERP implementations. Let's take a step back to why we came to ERP software. We think of your business the same as we think of our business. We want you to get the benefits and ROI out of your ERP system. 

We make recommendations with you based not only on your needs but also on what your business can tolerate.  We recommend a staged implementation, implementing that portion of the ERP software you need today and grow into the rest when the need is foreseen. This aids in giving your people, thus your customers, the optimal experience with ERP.

SCC draws on your past ERP experiences, where you need to be today, and your vision for the future. We combine that with our experience and walk with you creating the desired outcome together - always with an ROI focus. We customize a plan with you. Perhaps the plan will be better utilization of your current system, perhaps combined with add-on tools to enhance your experience, or the plan may be replacement.

How Do We Help You Get There From Here?

  • Listen using reflective listening skills to check for understanding

  • Utilize our proprietary Business Computing Assessment methodology for detailed drill down

  • Produce a Vision Document specifying the critical components

  • Create a plan to resolve the vision

  • Run your numbers through an ROI calculator

Top-Level ERP Requirements

  • Integrated enterprise software

  • Is within your budget range

  • Resolves the majority of your needs (defined in the Vision Document)

  • Implementation timeframe and effort

  • Ongoing vendor relationship

How to do more with the ERP you already have

Using the results of our Business Computing Assessment:

  • Determine if a newer release will satisfy the gaps

  • Evaluate whether business process flow adjustments will allow better ERP utilization

  • Ascertain if the ERP has applicable modules you have not implemented

Sometimes We Need to Get Back-To-Basics

ERP Simplified Series

Topics covered in the series

Receive the "ERP Simplified Series for Wholesale Distribution and
Manufacturing" to explore how individual components of ERP work to simplify your business. ERP software is broken down piece by piece to simplify how you review and install ERP systems.




Free Worksheet: Business Computing Assessment

Business Computing Assessment Use the "Business Computing Assessment" to facilitate aligning your technology with your business vision and goals. It asks challenging, detailed questions...more >>