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Project Management

Paramount to a successful project:

  • Communication

  • Each owner understanding what is expected of them

  • Communicating the interrelationship between tasks

Be sure to create and manage a project plan for system selection. Project plans are not just for system implementation. How well you plan for and execute the system selection process will be a tell-tale sign of how well system implementation will be planned and executed.

Whether you use an on-line project management tool or create a project plan in Excel, these are the highlights of any project plan.

  • Project charter

  • Tasks, owner, milestones, project start & end date with actual start & end date

  • Dependencies, those tasks that have to be done before another can be started

  • Appoint one person responsible for managing the plan; this entails:

    • Updating the plan with each task completion, delay, addition

    • Staying on top of the plan (managing the plan) by contacting each person as their task is due

    • Send email alerts when a due date is approaching or past

  • The person appointed to manage the plan needs to have the authority to contact each owner

  • Each owner needs to accept that the person managing the plan will be contacting them with the end goal of keeping the project on schedule

  • Have at least weekly internal meetings either on-line and/or teleconference to keep each owner accountable

    • At these meetings readjust the plan as needed

  • With the plan attach each meeting's minutes so all will know what caused delays and how they impact the plan

  • The person responsible must have the authority and ability to contact multiple vendors that may be involved to keep them accountable

  • Celebrate milestone successes throughout the project