SaaS ERP Innovation Handbook + Worksheet

ERP Handbook

Innovate Business Processes with SaaS ERP

Using the exact software functionality as an on-site data center to reduce costs, rapidly respond to customers, and manage growth

The ERP Handbook Kit also contains a worksheet with challenging questions to help you promote internal innovation to increase productivity, thus sales.


ERP software has come out of the "computer room" and into the cloud. Our "big three" benefits from SaaS ERP are: 1) no up-front investment for hardware and software licenses minimizing your risk and saving your credit line; 2) you do not need an on-premise application server and the necessary skill-set to support it; and 3) remote access to your data, based on security privileges of course, to remote employees and your all important trading partners (customers).

SaaS ERP Options

Single-Tenant: Your own ERP application software personalized environment is set up, similar to an on-premise install. You get the flexibility of specific customization.  As always, we caution that you approach customization wisely.  Read base-vs-the-customization-dilemma.

Multi-Tenant is great for the business that can run the ERP software unmodified. You run the same base software as other unmodified clients. This is similar to many SaaS CRM applications today. The vendor keeps the software upgraded giving you the benefit of ongoing innovation.

With either SaaS option you benefit from the advanced functionality you need without the up-front investment.

Not For Every Business

To begin assessing if SaaS ERP is right for your business answer the questions in our blog article "SaaS ERP...Is Cloud Computing Right For My Business?"


SaaS ERP Software Professional

To further refine if SaaS ERP is right for your business please contact us for an assessment.



SaaS ERP Takes You Back-To-Basics

SaaS ERP Simplified

Topics covered in the series

Receive the "ERP Simplified Series for Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing" to explore how individual components of ERP work to simplify your business.

ERP software is broken down piece by piece to simplify how you review and install ERP systems.

How does Software-as-a-Service, SaaS ERP impact all of this?