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SCC walks with you custom fitting to the software stage and needs of your organization. For some, SCC serves as their IT department to coordinate and manage their IT needs. Please call us at 765-448-1847 or email us, you will be in direct contact with an experienced software professional who will immediately begin to evaluate your needs. SCC's difference is the personal attention given to all our customers motivating us to create value for you through maximizing information technology and innovative business solutions.

Vision Planning

SCC will meet with the executives to discuss their desired outcome - their vision. Then meet with the appointed personnel to ascertain the fundamentals to producing the desired outcome. Based on the gathered information facilitated by our proprietary Business Computing Assessment, a vision document will outline the critical components and how the components need to collaborate to improve your supply-chain. The vision document will be the map used for change management.

New or Current System Evaluation

Whether you need to replace or enhance your current implementation, the vision document will reinforce the direction of the evaluation. SCC will help you align what is being reviewed with the vision. We will interactively discuss how system functions can apply to the critical components. Obstacles will be brought to the forefront for discussion. This is part of the education process.

Implementation Planning

Implementation planning requires strict adherence to details and previous experience from which to draw. With SCC's experience an implementation meeting with the implementation team will be conducted. The outcome will be a comprehensive implementation plan.

Project Management - Vision

In the day-to-day urgency of running your business it is difficult to manage a project implementation while at the same time execute the project tasks. As an outside resource, SCC can decrease your time spent on project management. Project management is the collection of activities concerned with achieving a set of goals. The project manager seldom participates directly in the project tasks, but maintains the progress by not being over-involved in the individual tasks. With internal and external task owners SCC will coordinate the tasks alleviating your time involvement.

Education and Training

Education is understanding how the business software system will produce the desired outcome. Training is the how to use the system functions to its fullest extent. Education and training are keys to success when implementing or maintaining an IT system. Workshops will be conducted to interactively discuss the options for system use and setup to produce the desired outcome reemphasizing the critical components. The result of the workshops will determine the system setup and bring forward any procedural issues.

Quality Assurance

More than testing the system, quality assurance builds trust in the system for the user. It also reinforces the training with such everyday jobs as how to inquire on and balance data once entered.

Vendor Liaison

Much effort is spent staying in communication with the software developers. SCC can alleviate your time by communicating with the vendors in writing with all correspondence copied to the appropriate people. Status updates of outstanding issues will be in written form.

User Support

An extension of training, user support strengthens users system knowledge during real-time use. The "how do I handle this in this situation" question or procedural issues will always come up during real-time use. SCC will work with the users for further training enhancement, bringing procedural issue needs to the team.