ERP Innovation Handbook + Worksheet


Enterprise Resource Planning HowTo Innovate Guide

Innovate business processes with ERP
Learn how to reduce costs, rapidly respond to customers, and manage growth. The ERP Handbook Kit also contains a worksheet with challenging questions to help you promote internal innovation to increase productivity, thus sales.

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Shipping Software

Varsity Logistics  multi-carrier shipping software designed by Varsity Logistics for the System i can not only greatly reduce your freight costs but also maximize efficiencies. 

  • Manage selection of carriers

  • Optimize shipments

  • Improve packing speed

  • Electronically link to parcel carriers

  • Ensures label and manifesting compliance

  • Hundredweight consolidation

  • UCC128 labeling and ASN creation

  • Weight, rate and label for LTL, truckload, and rail

  • VICS Bill of Lading compliance

  • Complex moves and multi-stop

  • Automated freight bill auditing

Integration, Integration, Integration

Varsity has standard interfaces to major ERP systems.  Varsity includes interface points for you to integrate seamlessly with your ERP system.

  • Saves programming expense

  • Implementation is simplified

  • Flexible architecture for rapid development of custom interfaces

To learn more about Varsity Logistics or to schedule a one-on-one product review:

Shipping Software



Sometimes We Need to Get Back-To-Basics

ERP Simplified Series

Topics covered in the series

Receive the "ERP Simplified Series for Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing" to explore how individual components of ERP work to simplify your business. ERP software is broken down piece by piece to simplify how you review and install ERP systems.

Free Worksheet: Business Computing Assessment

Business Computing Assessment Use the "Business Computing Assessment" to facilitate aligning your technology with your business vision and goals. It asks challenging, detailed questions...more >>