ERP Handbook + Worksheet

Enterprise Resource Planning Kit

Innovate business processes with ERP
Learn how to reduce costs, rapidly respond to customers, and manage growth. The ERP Handbook kit also contains a worksheet with challenging questions to help you promote internal innovation to increase productivity, thus sales.

Also receive our proprietary Business Computing Assessment, a simple worksheet with challenging questions to help you promote innovation. 

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Food Enterprise Management Software / ERP

Providing enterprise solutions to the food service industry since 1978, VAI's extensive family of applications is tightly integrated to provide one comprehensive system for customer service, inventory, manufacturing, route accounting, finance, and warehouse logistics management. For food processors, VAI's integrated suite of manufacturing applications also tracks work in process and packaged and/or assembled food products throughout the shop floor. S2K Enterprise Edition for Food's powerful technology can dramatically improve profitability at even the largest, most complex organizations. 

You make the call! Which is easier:

Increasing sales OR decreasing operating costs

Both have a major impact on the bottom line -- end result is to increase sales while keeping expense growth down to a proportionate degree. Please review this table:


How to Help with
Integrated Modules

Return on Investment

inefficiencies managing paper pick tickets

Warehouse Management RF or Voice Picking

Decrease Costs

management of orders delivered same day

Truck Routing Dashboard

Decrease Costs

route accounting errors

Integrated Route Accounting

Decrease Costs

rebates, vendor allowance, and bill-back tracking

Automated Reports / Collection

Decrease Costs

bid contracts and special pricing tracking

Integrated Bids Contracts and Special Pricing

Decrease Costs

truck load inefficiencies

Load Management Dashboard with optional UPS Roadnet

Decrease Costs

lot tracking and shelf life requirements

Lot Tracking Visibility

Decrease Costs

reduce credit memos

Order Verification and
Pricing Matrices

Decrease Costs

work in process /
assembled items

Integrated Manufacturing

Decrease Costs




reps don’t have information while in front of the customer to answer questions

Route Sales Force Automation / iPhone

Increase Sales

fast moving inventory balance to meet orders

Advanced Inventory Control

Increase Sales

ebusiness orders manually entered

eBusiness Storefront

Increase Sales

need more lines on every invoice

Order Guide

Increase Sales

refusing special orders due to handling constraints

Customer Order tied to Purchase Order

Increase Sales

slow movers that competitors don’t carry to increase margins

Auto Calculate Ranking

Increase Sales

difficult to manage market cost pricing

Automated Price Updates

Increase Sales

Many of these both decrease costs and increase sales. You make the call.

Together, let's look at whether VAI S2K integrated food specific ERP system can positively influence your bottom line by increasing efficiencies, thus reducing costs. To schedule or further discuss please Contact Us and put a software professional on your team.