ERP Handbook

Innovate business processes with ERP

Innovate business processes with ERP
Learn how to reduce costs, rapidly respond to customers, and manage growth. The ERP handbook kit also contains a worksheet with challenging questions to help you promote internal innovation to increase productivity, thus sales. 

Handheld RF WMS

Integrated Software for Integrated Business

Enterprise Computing encompasses all the integrated software and hardware necessary to run your business. It is a very broad term. What Enterprise Computing means for you and your business (enterprise) -- increasing the bottom line by reducing costs and increasing productivity; and differentiating your business to enhance your customer experience to promote increased sales.

Wireless Handheld Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Wireless, handheld WMS software in your warehouse allows you to quickly locate product, reduces data entry time along with reducing picking and packing time while increasing productivity. Distribution and manufacturing will find benefit from warehouse management with increased inventory visibility and error reduction...  learn more about wireless handheld management systems >>

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

ERP for manufacturing, wholesale distribution, and retail (the supply chain) has been a part of our everyday life for years now. If your supply chain business were a static entity, the ERP you implemented in previous years would still work perfectly fine, meeting your needs as well as the day you went live with it. But your business isn't static, it's dynamic. Soon, your ERP and the affiliated component applications, fall out of sync with the business they more about Enterprise Resource Planning >>

Enterprise Resource Planning for Food (ERP)

With competition continually affecting margins and customer service demands on the rise, food processors and food service distributors need enterprise software that maximizes efficiencies throughout the organization while continually enhancing the customer experience. Today's food service enterprise systems must incorporate the latest industry features, offer unparalleled ease-of-use with a minimal learning curve, and be flexible in design and scalable in scope to meet the needs of a dynamic business environment...learn more about ERP for Food >>

Business Intelligence / Dashboards (BI)

You have a vast amount of information in your enterprise systems. If you do not fully use the power of your collected information to its full potential, you may curtail your competitive advantage. A Business Intelligence application enables you to non-programmatically organize the information for business users to interactively work with KPIs...Learn more about innovating with Business Intelligence >>

Electronic Data (EDI) / Business Integration

When a software application can be used for many processes the result is strong ROI. Integration needs emerge, often by internal or external customer demand, requiring rapid response. Integration challenges also exist from different platforms, communication interfaces, and data formats. Programming integration, along with being labor intensive and costly, is a one-off solution creating constraints on how it was written, on what platform, and often by whom...Learn more about Data Integration >>


Evaluation and Implementation Resources

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ERP Simplified Series Receive the "ERP Simplified Series for Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing" to explore how individual components of ERP work to simplify your business. ERP software is broken down piece by piece to simplify how you review and install ERP systems.

Worksheet: Business Computing Assessment

Enterprise Computing Assessment

Use the "Business Computing Assessment" to facilitate aligning your technology with your business vision and goals. It asks challenging, detailed questions...more >>