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Supply Chain Globalization

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Complexity - Supply Chain Globalization

Remove the black hole and disruption to your enterprise by changing the way collaboration is done with supply chain partners.


What happens after you issue a purchase order and find out too late for your own demand that the supplier cannot meet your requested demand? Imagine if you could electronically collaborate with your supplier through the full order lifecycle? You would then be able to control the situation to:

  • deflect the pending demand shortage

  • control the implication to your production schedule

  • not to mention your customer engagement

BTW, emails do not count as “electronically”!

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Inventory buffers-you rely on excessive inventory to meet demand

  • Difficulty giving accurate delivery schedule resulting in long and variable lead times

  • High labor costs with workarounds

  • Increased transportation cost with expedited freight costs

Globalization has caused supply chains to become increasingly more complex. Suppliers and distribution centers are in all parts of the world. Latency of information flow is caused by silos of information with no single hub providing communications ability with your supply chain.


What is your involvement during the Procure-To-Pay cycle?

  • Making countless phone calls to confirm and negotiate

  • Sending and replying to countless emails for order updates

  • Logging those interactions manually in a spreadsheet

  • Searching back through past emails to follow the interactions

  • Chasing down late orders & identifying part shortages

  • Feeling your stomach churn as you do your best to update the correct systems

  • Identifying PO to invoice discrepancies

  • Measuring supplier performance

Control Tower Platform

With Control Tower Platform collaborate electronically with your suppliers logging the back and forth interaction documenting the full order lifecycle. For instance:

  • Use a dashboard for quick access to

    • Orders: automated negotiations to manage/change the orders

    • Inventory: see current state of inventory levels and projections

    • Shipments: follow the progress to your warehouses

    • Forecasts: collaborate with your suppliers

  • Act upon the activities you need to perform today presented on your dashboard

  • Manage updates to your purchase orders with automated negotiations

Silos of data are kept in your systems: ERP, WMS, TMS, MES. Beyond that most of your supply chain activities are outside of your four walls. If you think of an airport control tower, that is analogous to Control Tower Platform; it sits on top of your systems and through a dashboard provides a single view, a central hub of “your airport” synchronizing the flow of information with the flow of goods - KEY POINT.

Control Tower Platform helps reduce your corporate supply chain risk by sensing the issues early then responding before they become costly obstructions.


Collaboration with supply chain partners results:

  • visibility of product movement

  • real time end-to-end visibility to demand, order status, and shipments

  • let the problems find you: management by exception

Collaboration with supply chain partners