Wireless Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Wireless WMS software in your warehouse allows you to:

  • quickly locate product

  • reduce data entry time

  • reduce picking and packing time and errors

  • increase productivity

Distribution and manufacturing will find benefit from warehouse management with increased inventory visibility and error reduction.  Using RF handheld devices integrates WMS with your ERP enterprise business system enabling the flow of information so you can respond quickly to customer demands and share supply chain management information.


Where are you planning to implement wireless WMS software? 

  • Post goods issue to customer order for real-time posting

  • Picking and packing for increased efficiency

  • Real-time completion of manufacturing orders

  • Shipping verification to reduce errors and prompt invoicing

  • Real-time bin transfer

  • Speed up physical inventory to improve sales with reduction of stock-outs

  • continue brainstorming your requirements for warehouse management


RFID mobile devices configured with fixed readers provide the flexibility you need.  This blended configuration reduces limitations with fixed readers alone.  The mobile devices can even be used off-line if needed and allow more expansive coverage.  RFID mobile devices and fixed readers each have their application. 

Application examples of fixed readers when the asset travels through the fixed reader

  • Tracking manufacturing routes

  • Picking and verifying to the order

  • Receiving

  • Shipping

Applications examples of mobile devices:

  • Visibility of the asset beyond the choke point

  • Inventory of assets

  • Picking and verification when the asset does not pass through the choke point

  • Asset movement around the facility

ROI on your RFID investment:

SCC has business partner relationships with Motorola to offer advanced data capture along with RFID (radio frequency identification) technology and leading RFID software vendors to provide back-office integration.  Cybra’s EdgeMagic integrated RFID control software for IBM Power Systems enables you to implement agile RFID applications without costly custom programming.  Download a brochure: